Pre-wedding shoots!

Pre-wedding shoots

A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to get to know your photographer, and we always love getting to know our couples.
We’ll have a coffee/beer together and have a chat about your day and the plans you’ve made, and whats important to you about the day.

Then we’ll head off somewhere for around 20 mins, just so we can get you in front of the camera, get rid of any awkwardness, and you get to see how awesome you both look together.

– We recommend midweek, not only as we have more flexibility then but also because there will be less people around.
– Wear something suited to the weather, that you would wear for a nice date day.
– Ladies, if your handbag isn’t part of your outfit then leave it in the car. Sometimes its awkward finding a safe place to set it down.
– If you can your phones in the car too, or put it in a jacket pocket, it means you wont have a phone shape bulge in your trousers.
– Relax! I promise you’ll have fun once the first awkward 5 mins are over and you’ll get some gorgeous images.
– If you want any of your images printing to use as part of your wedding, you can print them using our online gallery.